Sandwiches, Wraps and Informal Fingerfood

Freshly made with home cooked ingredients using bread and Salad products delivered daily. We offer varieties such as Slow cooked pulled Beef with Salsa and Roasted Red Capsicum, Warrnambool Cheddar Cheese with Salad and Tomato Relish, Egg Mayo with Garden Salad, Shaved Virginia Ham with Dijonaisse and Salad, Roast Chicken with Basil and Avocado,  Tuna Mayo with Spring Onions and Salad, Home cooked Corned Beef with Cheddar Cheese and Mustard Pickle.

Hot food items can be delivered cold ready to be warmed on site or can leave our premises hot if requested, however facilities should be available on site to keep the food warm once delivered as some temperature will be lost during transporting so if you have an oven or warmer please have it switched on ready for the delivery.

Sandwiches, Wraps & Rolls

Fingerfood for Lunch